Preference Personnel

School's Out for Summer

"School's out" photos are filling our social media pages!  Photos of kindergarten graduation that remind us of youth and innocence and not many real worries about their future just yet. 
Photos of 2nd graders on their first day of school side-by-side with their last day of school reminding us how fast time flies and the physical and mental transformation that takes place in just one year.
Then there's photos of 8th graders who are preparing for a new school in 9th grade. The big high school. The one where if you fit in and who you fit in with matters more than it should.
We see so many senior high school graduation photos! Congratulations! You did it! You made it through 4 years of high school! Maybe you did it with flying colors or by the skin of your teeth - but you made it!  Here is where the life-changing decisions come in,  choose wisely. Whether you choose to begin working or to continue on with your education,  the professionals here at Preference Employment Solutions are here for you if you need someone to talk this through.
We also see photos of celebrating the college graduate.  Congratulations to you!  We hope that our community has been good to you and that you will choose to stay here. Our community needs your talent and we are happy to help you select the place you can begin your career! We strive to help connect our community employers and employees with great intention so that you can focus on the future with: very little worries, opportunities to transform and grow, find the place that you fit in best, succeed with flying colors and thrive in our growing and changing community!
School's out for summer and we wish you all the very best!